Next Day Delivery

Get rid of overstocking situations by ordering only when you need it! Save money and space!


Invoice Financing

7 Day Invoice Financing at a low rate, with no commitment, and no hidden terms!


Branded Goods

We work with 50+ Brands and directly with their distributors - making supplies cheaper and faster!


Trade Offers

Brands used spend a lot of their trade marketing budget blindly - until now!

Simplify your distribution & Trade Marketing.

The idea is simple - distribution should not require every brand to create their own private networks! Its inefficient. We can fix it by making your B2B Distribution seamless - and traceable!

Credit Rating Simplified

Retail Meets Credit Rating

SupplyLine uses a 22+ Data Point Credit Rating methodology, which integrates historical credit data, macroeconomic indicators, and machine learning algorithms; ensuring a nuanced evaluation that reflects both quantitative metrics and qualitative insights.

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Use SupplyLine

Signup for SupplyLine from the comfort of your store - and use our app to order retail supplies!

Get Rated

Higher Usage of the SupplyLine Platform helps build credit rating - that our banking partners love!

Get Invoice Credit

Our 7 Day Invoice Credits are simple, no-frills, no-clauses, and literally delivered to your steps!

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Loved by our

We love being simple and loved. That drives us from pivoting every weekend.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

SupplyLine operates in a closed area (parts of Dhaka at this point). If you are outside, you may get blocked by an approval screen. Sowwie!

Yep! Getting the products to you is our specialty.

An order quantity. We mean - anything, really!

Sign up. Use the app a lot. Atleast 8-10 successful (large) deliveries. And then we will contact you ourselves!

No delivery charge. Nada. We optimize our baskets and charge through our sourcing contracts instead of dipping into your pockets!

Yep. Our Murabaha contracts are just that! Our partners can buy stock for you and store at your place - and you only pay back once sold! No commitments. No pera. Just products at your fingertips!


Banks/NBFI's Who Love Us

Download The SupplyLine App and re-imagine retail!